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Berluti's shoe polishing events for its loyal customers are legendary. The Swann Club was founded by Olga Berluti. It involves gentlemen polishing for elevator shoes womens elevator boots online their shoes at the dinner table wearing their cotton socks. These events have a schoolyard vibe to them, according to past attendees. The men suddenly become small boys, earnest, competitive and eager.

It is also known for the champagne used in the final stage of polishing. The acidity of the champagne is what is important. It removes any oil residues from the shoe's surface to give it shine. The firm acknowledges that this can be done with any wine. Champagne adds a for womens elevator boots online touch of romance to the entire enterprise.

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These are the events that Lorenza Cavalli for womens elevator boots online (UK retail manager) is eager to continue. These events foster brand loyalty and keep Berluti in touch with its clients. Yesterday and today, Berluti invited customers to stop by the shop to have a drink (the shop is open until 7:30), get advice from the staff and purchase new shoelaces. It's amazing to see how many men love old, for womens elevator boots online frayed laces, even if they spend a lot of time polishing them.

Berluti also plans to host more polishing for womens elevator boots online nights at the London store. Keep an eye out for them in the months ahead. Permanent Style was invited to the first polishing evening. Keep an eye out for more tales of debauchery and patina. Cavalli is a newcomer to menswear. Her for womens elevator boots online previous position was in the bespoke department of stationer Smythson, as well as other jobs such watchmakers Ebel. She still feels at home in men's shoes, despite the fact that she is not a high quality elevator boots choose specialist in menswear. It is something about the passion that true men bring to luxury houses such as Berluti. Customers are very interested in the products and for womens elevator boots online in the technical aspects of them. They also love the company's history and ethos. She says that it is much more trendy and less fussy than womenswear.

for womens elevator boots online